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Frequently Ask Questions

1. How long does the bathtub refinishing process take?​

  Our refinishing process typically takes around 3-4 hours to complete for most standard size bathtubs.

2. When can I use my bathtub after you leave?

  After we are finished with the refinishing process you will have to wait 24 hours for it to dry (the technical time is 3 hours but we do recommend that you wait 24 hours) then you will be able to start enjoying your new bathtub!

3. How long will my bathtub last?
  The durability of a bathtub refinished by Tub Master is almost exactly the same as that of most new bathtubs available now. If properly maintained without the use of abrasive chemicals for cleaning, it will last you many years just like a brand new bathtub would. For a general number, you would be looking at around 10 years in a residential setting with normal everyday use.

4. What if my bathtub has been refinished before?
It is absolutely fine to refinish a bathtub that has been refinishing before (except acrylic bathtubs). We will first strip and clean the bathtub to remove the old coatings before we refinish it. There is an additional charge for refinishing a previously resurfaced bathtub if stripping is required.

5. What is covering my drain after refinishing the bathtub?
That is just a piece of tape that we use to cover the drain so that we do not paint the metal chrome. Please use a pencil, pen or your fingers to poke a hole in the middle of the drain so that it is easier to take off.

6. What are the steps involved in refinishing?
There are basically 10 steps to refinishing.
     * Remove existing caulking
     * Remove the old paint (if you have done refinishing before)

     * Sanding of the tub

     * Clean and etching the bathtub
     * Blow-dry the tub

     * Repair any chips or cracks (if necessary)
     * Cover the surrounding areas with masking paper to avoid overspray
     * Apply 3 coats of paint
     * Re-caulking

7. Will it smell while you are refinishing my tub?
Our technicians come fully equipped with full ventilation systems to exhaust fumes that do naturally occur when using solvents (used to remove the old paint). Although you may notice some odors while we are working, it is not harmful and will disappear within a few hours.

8. Do my pets need to leave my home during the bathtub refinishing process?
This is an individual choice. We do have ventilation systems to remove most of the fumes quickly and high tech spray systems to minimize over-spray of the paint (over-spray may cause more fumes). However, there will be some residual odors for a few hours during and after the refinishing process. Therefore, we do recommend airing out the home for a bit after we leave. Parrots and certain other birds are very sensitive to these fumes so we do highly recommend to remove them from the immediate area. It is also recommended that dogs and cats stay in a separate room away from the bathroom as well.

9. How do I take care of my refinished bathtub?
Make sure you use mild, non-abrasive cleaning products. Just as with a new bathtub, the finish or shine can be dulled by abrasive cleaners. We recommend the use of foam or non-abrasive liquid cleaners such as regular liquid dish soap. It is also recommended to clean your bathtub at least once a week.

10. Do you have any other tips for maintenance?
  To help maintain the high-quality finish:
  * Do not rest soap bars, shampoo bottles, or leave wet cloths on the surface.
  * Be sure faucets are tightly closed after each use.
  * As with a new tub, remove excess water and wipe after each use.
  * Remember, if you treat your new surface with respect, clean it regularly, and keep your taps dry, your high-quality finish will stay like new for many years.

11. Does Tub Master offer a warranty?
Tub Master offers an industry leading 5-year warranty for residential work and a 1-year warranty for commercial jobs. Many refinishing companies offer warranties which are pro-rated, meaning that the warranty’s coverage decreases incrementally over time. Unlike these warranties, our warranty covers 100% of any defects in workmanship or materials throughout the entire life of the warranty.

12. What is NOT covered under the warranty?
Any damage caused by the use of harsh abrasives, bleaches, dyes, hair dyes, coloured bath oils, ammonia, chips or scratches by sharp objects, pets, high water temperatures, etc are neglected and are NOT covered by the warranty. Damaged caused by the pooling of water and leaving objects (such as shampoo bottles and soaps) on the refinish for too long is also not covered by the warranty.

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